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Associate Judge Heinz Rudolf is not the typical candidate for circuit judge. Yes, he holds a law degree and practiced law for five years with the law firm of Becker, Paulson, Hoerner & Thompson. He also was a prosecutor for the St. Clair County Sate’s Attorney Office and was an assistant public defender. For the last eight years, Judge Rudolf has served the County as an associate judge. Everything you expect from a candidate for circuit judge.

What sets Judge Rudolf apart, is another type of public service -- his public service to his community. He was elected in 2002 to the St Clair County Board, serving the residents of West End Belleville and Stookey Township until his appointment to the bench in 2006. During that time, Judge Rudolf was instrumental in the successful passage of a public referendum that got rid of a dangerous area, sadly referred to as “the Hole,” because it was a haven for drug users, replacing it with the family-oriented Stookey Township Park.

No longer do residents have to worry about their property values going down because of drug dealers and addicts coming into the neighborhood. Today, the park is a haven for families, children swinging, a dog park with owners playing Frisbee, and picnic tables built by an Eagle Scout from Troop 12 for impromptu lunches with friends. Judge Rudolf and a group of dedicated citizens and elected officials made this happen. For his efforts, Heinz received the “Civilian of the Year” award from the St Clair County Sheriff’s Department.

“I am very fortunate and blessed to have these two incredible people who continue to hold me to the highest standards as father, a husband, and a judge.“ (Use family photo w/ caption: Heinz and his wife, Sally, with their daughters)

Every year, judges are rated by the lawyers who practice before them through the Illinois Bar Association Judicial Advisory Poll, These rating are important because they give the average voter a guide to help them decide which judges should be retained or elected. Throughout his eight years on the bench, Judge Rudolf has consistently received some of the highest ratings of judges throughout the State.

As a county board member, Heinz helped cut the County tax rate by 35.20% in 2002, by 27.69% in 2003-2004 and by 28.04% in 2004-2005.*

Heinz worked hard to keep a tight rein on the County’s budget while cutting the tax rate.