Rudolf Gets High Rating From Bar Association Poll

Associate Judge Heinz Rudolf received some of the highest ratings in a recent poll of lawyers who appear before him. Rudolf’s 96.73% rating is among the highest in the State and area lawyers “recommend” Judge Rudolf for Circuit Judge in the upcoming November election. Judge Rudolf’s potential opponents did not fare as well in the poll. Katherine Ruocco received one of the lowest ratings in the State at 9.68% and B. Marshall Hilmes barely outpaced her with a 22.78% rating. Neither Ruocco nor Hilmes are recommended to serve as a Circuit Judge according to the poll.

“Experience matters in a judicial election. Judge Rudolf has 12 years of service on the bench. His potential opponents have none,” said local attorney Michael Nester, who is co-chairing Rudolf’s election for Circuit Judge. “Judge Rudolf sets the highest standards for fairness, impartiality and legal knowledge.” “The bar association poll reflects the high regard local attorneys have for him,” Nester said.

According to its website, the Illinois State Bar Association (ISBA) judicial poll is sent to all ISBA members in the circuit a judicial candidate is seeking election. Non-ISBA member licensed attorneys practicing within or outside the circuit can participate in the judicial poll by requesting a ballot. Attorneys participating in the polls must have professional knowledge of the candidate so they can make an informed evaluation. All ballots are confidential allowing attorneys to give a full, honest assessment of each judicial candidate. Judicial candidates are rated “recommended” or “not recommended” based on whether respondents agree that the candidate meets the requirements of office.

The Illinois State Bar Association is a not-for-profit, voluntary-membership association, composed of more than 30,000 lawyer members. In addition to providing professional services for lawyers, the Association strives to inform the public about the qualifications of candidates for judicial office.