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“I was raised by parents who taught me at a very young age to “look people in the eye and have a firm handshake.” They set the bar high for my sisters and me. There was never a question that we would study longer, work harder and go father because there was no other choice. Honestly, there was never any issue about needing to work hard, treating others with respect and striving to reach our goals. My parents back then and even to this day still try to remind us of such aspirations. To my parents, when they were younger, working long hours was a way of life. As a young couple from Germany, opportunities were never to be squandered from lack of effort or not living up to one’s potential.

“My father was a family physician who started his practice in the United States in Cahokia and moved on to East St Louis where he practiced for several years. He finished his 40+ years as a treating physician in Belleville. There were many evenings my father would not come home before 10 o’clock from seeing patients. It was common knowledge if you were a patient of Dr. Rudolf, you would have to wait to be seen, however, when you were seen, you received his full attention and had as much of his time as you needed. Dad’s patients, in many ways, became an extension of our family. Today, as I talk to people, there always seem to be three or four per neighborhood who tell me ‘Your dad delivered me and my children’ or ‘He was my doc growing up. He was the best doc I ever had.

“My mom raised five kids, me and my four sisters. As hard as my dad worked as a physician, my mom matched him in hours caring for the five of us and our home. Mom could do anything from teaching me how to seal a driveway with hot and messy driveway sealant to mowing our three-acre lawn by hand with a push mower. She made all my sisters wedding dresses too.

“I am very fortunate and blessed to have these two incredible people who continue to hold me to the highest standards as father, a husband, and a judge.“

For the past eight years, Heinz Rudolf has served as an associate judge, consistently earning some of the highest ratings in the Illinois State Bar Association’s Judicial Advisory Poll from the lawyers who practice before him in the 20th Judicial Circuit which consists of the counties of St. Clair, Monroe, Washington, Randolph and Perry.

Now, Judge Rudolf is running for circuit judge. He had no opposition in the Democrat Primary held in March of this year. This fall, though, Heinz is facing a Republican opponent in the General Election.

Prior to being appointed associate judge, Heinz handled major civil litigation in state and federal court for the law firm of Becker, Paulson, Hoerner and Thompson, P.C., from 2001 to 2006. He also served in both the St Clair County Public Defender’s Office and the State’s Attorney’s Office trying jury trials on behalf of the indigent and the People of the State of Illinois.

Judge Rudolf earned a Ph.D. in Philosophy/Public Administration and Policy Process from St Louis University in 2002. He received his Juris Doctorate and Master’s Degree in Public Administration in 1995 from St Louis University School of Law and Graduate School.

Judge Rudolf has served over eight years as an Associate Circuit Judge for the 20th Judicial Circuit in St Clair County, Illinois. In that time, he has overseen five different assignments. He currently oversees the Arbitration Docket, landlord-tenant disputes and major civil cases. In addition to the countless bench trials and hearings, Judge Rudolf has presided over 11 jury trials to verdict, in just the past 14 months of his eight years on the bench.

For the last two years, Judge Rudolf has been appointed by the Illinois Supreme Court to serve on the Judicial Conference Committee on Education. This year, he participated in a panel instructing other Illinois judges about on the updates in Family Law. He recently participated in a special program to prepare judges on the breakthroughs in genomic scienceand how it impacts criminal justice.

The St Clair County Courts and the citizens of St Clair County deserve a judge with the highest of standards. Judge Rudolf exemplifies those standards on the bench and in his personal life. Making a difference in the St. Clair County courts and in his community is what motivates Judge Rudolf. That’s the kind of judge we need to keep on the bench in St. Clair County.